Let us send you a box for your quilt-top and backing, postage included!

Fill out the form below and we will send you a box with packing material to send us your quilt-top and backing.  Postage is always included.


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Commonly Asked Questions

How's this shipping thing work?

How does shipping my quilt-top to you work?

It's simple - you request a shipping box, we send it out to you.  Postage is included, all you have to do is put in your quit-top and backing material and drop it in a mail box or post office.  When the quilt is lovingly completed, we will ship it back to you.

What needs to be included?

For most quilts, we just need the quilt top and backing.  Each box has a checklist and a place for you to enter any special requests.  If your quilt is directional, the top of the quilt and the backing need to be marked.

How do I choose the pattern?  The thread?  The backing?

Each box comes with a checklist of items to include and a place to select the options you would like.  You can browse our patterns and price list prior to sending in your quilt top, and mark those choices on the form.  Once we recieve the quilt, we call to verify all details before any work is completed.

What will it cost?

Lots of factors can change the price - no two quilts are exactly the same.  For most standard edge-to-edge quilting, you can estimate about $0.03 cents per square inch.  The form we include will help you get a closer estimate, and we will finalize the costs in our confirmation phone call with you.