Commonly Asked Questions

The Info You’re After

What do you mean by loose, moderate, or dense patterns?

The stitiching patterns on a quilt can be scaled up or down.  The more space between the threads, the less time it takes to be quilted, and the less it costs.  The tighter the thread pattern with less space between stitches, or with lots of small corners and doubling-back, take much longer to quilt and can cost much more.

You can look at our pattern library to get an idea of what patterns are available.  Don't worry - we always process each quilt top we recieve and provide you with a custom quote before any work is done.

What do you need from me to finish a quilt?

You will need to submit your completed quilt top and backing fabric.  Backing can be one piece or several pieces joined together.  The backing fabric must be 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the quilt top.

What will it cost?

Generally you can estimate that it will be around $0.03 per square inch.  So if your quilt top is 60 x 80, it is 4800 square inches, which would cost $144.  If the pattern you choose is very simple, it could cost less than that.  If it is very complex, it could cost more.

Each quilt we recieve goes through our intake process, and we will give you a detailed estimate before we do any work on your quilt.

How long does it take?

We are happy to say we have the fastest turnaround time in the area.  Most quilts are ready within 2-3 business days from when they are dropped off.  Many other longarm quilters require up to 6 weeks to complete a quilt.

Can you do binding?

At this time we do not offer binding, but with our amazing turnaround times (usually less than 3 business days), you can get your quilt back and have time to do the binding yourself before the other guys would even have your quilt returned to you!

Will you repair my quilt, or make my quilt, or do another specialty service for me?

Our current focus is on excellent longarm quilting done faster than anyone else.  Our customers have come to expect that from us and we wouldn't want to disappoint them.  It's very hard to find anyone in our area who can complete an edge-to-edge job in a couple of days, but we do it consistently.  With that in mind, we aren't available for other projects.