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Prices include batting!

Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting

Sewing Machine

Loose Pattern

$0.025 per square inch


Moderate Pattern

$0.03 per square inch

Quilted Pillow

Dense Pattern

$0.0375 per suare inch

Sewing Machine

Thread Charge

$7 per quilt, $5 per color change

Minimum charge of $50 per quilt for edge to edge services


Custom Quilting

How much do you want customized?  Just a border, or a fully customized quilt pattern.

Custom Border

$0.035 - $0.04 per square inch

Price depends on density of pattern used for the border.

Sewing Machine


$0.035 - $0.045 per square inch

Semi-Custom quilting is a unique marriage between custom quilting and edge-to-edge. This highlights certain areas within the quilt which deserve a little more individual attention.



Starting at $0.055 per square inch

Customized quilting for each quilt block or pieced shape on the quilt top.

Quilted Pillow

Batting is the middle of your "quilt sandwhich." This insulating layer provides warmth, along with dimension or thickness.


Sewing Machine

80/20 Cotton Polyester Blend

Included with Edge to Edge Service

This blend offers more loft and less weight than traditional cotton battings. It is strong and stable yet soft and drapable.


80/20 Cotton/Wool Blend

$0.001 per square inch

A beautiful combination of natural fibers and their best qualities.

Quilted Pillow


Included with Edge to Edge Service

Ideal for quilters that want a soft, drapeable batting with a traditional look. It has a low loft and can impart a lovely antique look and feel.

Sewing Machine


$0.0015 per square inch

100% Wool batting which is light and luxurious with wonderful warmth and a lovely, soft drape. Wool offers exceptional all-year-round comfort and breathability.

Choice of 80/20 Cotton-Poly blend or 100% Cotton included with edge to edge services.


Other Services

Miscellaneous services.  Minimum of one hour.


Special Preparations

$25 per hour

Any repair, pressing, border adjustments, backing adjustments, or any services required to make the quilt top ready to load onto the longarm.

Specialty Loading

$25 per hour or as quoted

Any special requirements to load the quilt top on the machine.  Includes specialty fabrics like minki, flannel, or polar fleece, or any special instructions for loading.